29. August 2018

Brussels negotiations constitute political question

Commander of the US base Bondsteel in Kosovo, Colonel Nick Ducich said he didn't have much to add about Belgrade-Pristina negotiations in …
25. August 2018

Kosovo solution to be discussed in UN?

The possible and final compromise solution for Kosovo might be a subject for discussion in the UN Security Council (UNSC). Serbian daily Vecernje …
17. August 2018

US state position on Kosovo partition and have clear message

Speculation is increasing about a possible agreement between Belgrade and Pristina that would mean a change of borders. After a lengthy silence, the …
12. August 2018

Vucic: There is no easy solution, Serbia has two paths

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told a press conference in Belgrade on Tuesday that there is no easy and painless solution to the Kosovo …
04. August 2018

President addresses Serbs in Kosovo in open letter

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic on Friday sent an open letter to the citizens in Kosovo and Metohija (KiM). In it, Vucic calls …
31. July 2018

London doesn't want UN Security Council to discuss Kosovo

The UK does not want to include a debate on Kosovo in the agenda of the upcoming presidency of that country over the UN Security Council in …
28. July 2018

EU gives Pristina "extra time" on ZSO - and what that means

EC spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic says the EU expects all agreements reached within the Kosovo dialogue to be implemented "without delay." "Kosovo gave …
28. July 2018

US now openly supports compromise solution for Kosovo - FM

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has assessed that the US administration "openly supports a compromise solution to the Kosovo problem." Speaking …
24. July 2018

"Demarcation between Kosovo and Serbia" EU's next condition?

The "border" demarcation between Kosovo and Metohija and central Serbia "is expected to be the next condition" the EU will present to both …
17. July 2018

UK report: Serbia will not catch up with EU in 50 years

It could take the region of 50 or 60 years catch up with EU living standards, a report of the UK Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee has …

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Which are the main Economic challenges for Serbia on its track to the European Union and to achieve an European standard of life?

Actual global economic and financial crisis
Corruption and bureaucracy
Dependence of Serbian economy from foreign investments
Devaluation of Dinar, the national currency
High inflation
Infrastructure and living conditions
Political challenges through the existing political system
Qualification of the workforce and the managerial staff