11. May 2016

Serbia's membership negotiations not on agenda in Brussels

The Netherlands did not put the issue of opening Chapter 23 in EU's membership negotiations with Serbia on the agenda on Wednesday in …
11. May 2016

President to invite leaders to consultations after all

President Tomislav Nikolic will address representatives of electoral lists and inform them that a majority has been secured to elect Serbia's new …
11. May 2016

EU members "should tell Croatia it's wrong to block Serbia"

Serbia' chief negotiator in accession talks with the EU Tanja Miscevic called on the European Union to continue the talks in June as …
11. May 2016

"Moscow sees Vucic as unreliable" - U.S. analyst

Daniel Serwer, who on Tuesday in Belgrade met with Aleksandar Vucic, says the Serbian prime minister is clearly committed to Serbia's EU …
11. May 2016

"EU doesn't want Kosovo talks agreements rearranged"

The EU consistently requires that the agreements between Belgrade and Pristina be fully applied, foreign policy chief's spokesperson Maja Kocijancic …
11. May 2016

"State coffers never better, Serbia best place to invest"

The state budget deficit in the first four months of 2016 was around EUR 100 million, rather than an anticipated 600 million, Aleksandar Vucic said …
10. May 2016

EU rep "impressed by Serbia's response to migrant crisis"

Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Michael Davenport said Tuesday he was impressed by the way Serbia was tackling the challenges of the migrant …
06. May 2016

Belgrade: Vucic receives KKR's David Petraeus

Head of the Serbian caretaker government Aleksandar Vucic met on Friday in Belgrade with a delegation of the U.S. investment fund KKR. They …
06. May 2016

Domestic currency ends week by losing more value

The dinar (RSD) lost 0.1 percent of its value against the euro (EUR) on Friday, with the official middle exchange rate at RSD 122.8154, the central …
05. May 2016

"EU will not allow Croatia to block Serbia"

Franco Frattini is convinced the EU will not allow any state, Croatia included, to block the opening of Serbia's negotiation chapters over a …

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