10. July 2013

EU Urges Kosovo to Pass Amnesty Law

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton strongly backed the amnesty law that is aimed at integrating Kosovo Serbs into Pristina’s legal system by …
21. June 2013

Ashton, Fuele Urge EU to Start Talks With Serbia

The two EU leaders have called on heads of states to grant Serbia a date to start accession talks following progress in Serbia's talks with Kosovo.
04. June 2013

Macedonia and Serbia Agree to Collaborate on EU

At the first joint session of the Macedonian and Serbian governments, the two prime ministers agreed to work together on the path to EU membership.
23. April 2013

EU seals historic deal in Western Balkans

In a Foreign Affairs committee debate today on the outcome of the high level dialogue over the weekend which sealed a historic deal between Serbia …
08. April 2013

Другима је лакше него нама

Једном акцијом направимо десет корака, а онда се у Србији догоди нешто лоше на утакмицама, паљење амбасаде, или убиство странаца, и одосмо двадесет …
08. April 2013

"Ultimatum, not offer, was made in Brussels"

BELGRADE -- Tomislav Nikolić said on Sunday that the position of Serbia's top officials on the agreement with Priština will be known on Monday.
07. April 2013

Dialogue will continue “even if no deal is reached”

BRUSSELS, BELGRADE -- The Belgrade-Priština dialogue on all important issues will continue even if no agreement on northern Kosovo is reached, EU …
07. April 2013

“EU’s proposal cannot be implemented”

BELGRADE -- Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić has stated that Serbia could hardly accept Brussels' proposal on Kosovo because it would be impossible …
02. April 2013

Belgrade expects better offer from Brussels

Serbian negotiators are not traveling to Brussels with a final proposal, but are expecting to be offered more than offered to them in the previous …
01. April 2013

Agreement seeks concession by Brussels

Another meeting dedicated to Kosovo and attended by Serbia top officials was held today, Blic was confirmed at Serbia Government. After it the First …

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