04. February 2015

Serbian delegation in Washington: Breakfast with Obama

Nine invitees from Serbia attended traditional National Prayer breakfast in Washington, where they discussed with American diplomats and …
20. January 2015

Vučić in Davos with Merkel

Serbian Prime Minister will talk with world leaders today and tomorrow. Aleksandar Vučić will spend two days in Davos, Switzerland, where he will …
13. January 2015

Serbian Progressive Party is affraid of Ivica Dačić

Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is trying to degrade Ivica Dačić, who is well positioned in international circles, with a chance of strenghtening his …
22. September 2014

EC: Serbia has made progress

BRUSSELS -- The European Commission's (EC) annual report on Serbia notes significant or moderate progress in most fields related to the EU …
18. September 2014

EU "welcomes efforts of Serbian government"

BRUSSELS -- The EU welcomes the efforts of the Serbian government aimed at implementation of structural reforms in order to ensure growth and …
24. August 2014

5 Barriers of Entry into the EU

Corruption, Political Pressure on Media and Justice, Non-Implementation of Laws, Dependency on Russia, and Non-Transparency of Public Procurement - …
10. August 2014

EU goods will not arrive to Russia through Serbia

After the experience with the meat, every attempt to sell the food to Russia will be blocked, says minister Rasim Ljajić for “Blic” Because of …
30. June 2014

This is why we blush in front of EU

The European Union expects from Serbia to make possible for citizens to claim their rights at court in the short term, to establish standards on food …
12. June 2014

Vucic: Our goal is EU and not choice between Moscow and Brussels

I do not have an impression that Serbia shall have to choose between Brussels and Moscow since our goal is the EU, Vucic told the German ‘Bild’ and …
11. June 2014

Merkel sees Serbia in EU

I have to admit that the meeting with German Chancellor was unexpectedly outstanding, the Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic told the Blic about his …

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