10. January 2013

Serbia Govt Adopts Kosovo 'Platform' and Resolution

The Serbian government has adopted a long-awaited 'platform' and a resolution on Kosovo, which have not been made public but are unlikely to contain …
09. January 2013

Disagreement over Kosovo: Dacic does not want Nikolic’s platform

At today’s session Serbia Government is expected to adopt the platform on Kosovo which is to be debated about in Serbia Parliament on Friday.
08. January 2013

No consent to Nikolic’s visit to Kosovo possible obstruction to negotiations with Pristina

The administration in Pristina has not given consent that Serbia President Tomislav Nikolic attends the Christmas service at the Gracanica Monastery. …
27. December 2012

Abuse of office concerning medical drugs 300 million Euros

During the year of 2011 about 47 billion Dinars were spent on public purchases carried out through irregular procedures. Almost 75 percent of them …
26. December 2012

Tension between Nikolic and Dacic over Kosovo platform mounting

Serbia Government is requesting that the new resolution on Kosovo includes support to continuation of political dialog started by Prime Ministers of …
25. December 2012

Aleksandar Vucic decides to keep silent about Kosovo platform

Serbia First Deputy Prime Minister and also the SNS leader Aleksandar Vucic shall try to avoid as much as possible to comment publicly the platform …
21. December 2012

Nikolic without support for his plan: EU, USA and Dacic against platform

No comment. Our stance is clear and is contained in the conclusions of the European Council of December 11’, Maja Kocijancic, Media Advisor to the EU …
19. December 2012

The platform for Kosovo: No recognition, accent on the north and heritage

The platform for Kosovo made by Serbia political leadership at Serbia President’s Cabinet consists of three parts. The first part contains general …
17. December 2012

Suzana Grubjesic, Deputy Prime Minister: There shall be no new conditions for Serbia

‘It is wrong to claim that the solution for the north of Kosovo necessarily understands suspension of all Serbian institutions. The solution for the …
13. December 2012

Serbia Denies Kosovo Officers are 'Ambassadors'

As Serbia and Kosovo get ready to appoint liaison officers, Belgrade dismisses claims that Kosovo's officials are de facto 'ambassadors' to Serbia.

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