24. July 2018

"Demarcation between Kosovo and Serbia" EU's next condition?

The "border" demarcation between Kosovo and Metohija and central Serbia "is expected to be the next condition" the EU will present to both sides. This is according to Pristina-based media outlets, cited by UNMIK's Media Observer and Tanjug. "Some media reported several days ago that KFOR placed the border between Kosovo and Serbia at the village of Karacevo, Kamenica municipality, despite opposition from the local residents," UNMIK's website said. According to this, a spokesman for KFOR told Koha Ditore on Monday that KFOR "only replaced the signs because the old ones were damaged" and that they serve to KFOR and UNMIK staff as a reference that "the border with Serbia" is close. "KFOR doesn't delineate borders and the replacement of signs along the administrative boundary line has nothing to do with border delineation," the spokesman said. At:

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