25. August 2018

Kosovo solution to be discussed in UN?

The possible and final compromise solution for Kosovo might be a subject for discussion in the UN Security Council (UNSC). Serbian daily Vecernje Novosti learned this from the diplomatic circles. In this way, the subject would again find its place in this global organization. UN dropped the topic after compromise U.N. resolution on Kosovo in 2010. which the former Serbian government submitted and instead agreed on the EU-backed dialogue with Kosovo, Vecernje Novosti writes. This order of events could allow Belgrade to build its strategic position relyng on the support of Moscow and Beijing. It is also expected that Russia and USA would have crucial roles in the potential discussion in front the world government. As Novosti learns, these two superpowers are set to have talks about the modalities od resolving the complicated Kosovo knot. Former ambassador Milovan Bozinovic said for Novosti that it would politically be logical if the agreement was reached, it should be presented in UNSC and that he looked on Russia's recent reinfoced role in the process from that angle. At:

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