07. September 2009


Even 20 years after its summit in Belgrade, the Non-Aligned Movement is necessary in promotion of the world peace and security in the 21st century, it was jointly assessed by the participants of the conference "History and Heritage for Peaceful World", held and organized by the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mladen Bijelic has more. Source

Host of the meeting in Belgrade and Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic said that we live in a time of new challenges and new opportunities. This is an opportunity which, in his opinion, can be used by the Non-Aligned Movement, whose fundamental values and core messages are still equally current, and it  is also an opportunity for all member states of the movement to regain part of former influence. Jeremic expressed conviction that the state emerged from the former Yugoslavia, although they have observer status in the Non-Aligned Movement, can do very much to strengthen the role of this movement which is enormous in providing peace and security in the world. The Serbian Foreign Minister said that 80% of non-aligned countries did not recognize the self-proclaimed independence of Kosovo and called on them to continue the principled policy of respect for international law, stressing that Serbia will continue its fight before the International Court of Justice and in the diplomatic field which is dedicated to the protection of its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Jeremic reminded that the main priorities of the Serbian foreign policy include the EU membership, preservation of Kosovo within the Serbian constitutional order and good relations with the countries of the region. The Serbian Foreign Minister reiterated the proposal to  hold the 2011 summit in Belgrade thus marking the 50th anniversary of the first Non-Aligned Summit held in Belgrade upon the initiative of the former Yugoslavia, one of the founders of the Movement. Participants were addressed by Nigerian Foreign Minister Alhaji Jibril Maigari, who pointed to the necessity of having the non-aligned movement on the global political scene, stressing that the world needs radical changes due to challenges in form of terrorism, poverty and hunger. Former President of the Republic of Cyprus George Vasos Vasiliou  said that in the future, the Non-Aligned Movement must address the issue of increasing differences between developed and developing countries. Due to health problems, although he was announced, the last Yugoslav Foreign Minister Budimir Loncar, now on an adviser of Croatian President Stjepan Mesic  for international relations did not attend the gathering.

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