15. October 2018

"Kosovo army talk cause for fear, we're in difficult spot"

Announcements from Kosovo about of an army are a source of fear among the Serbs, says the president, adding that Serbia is currently in a difficult position. According to Aleksandar Vucic, "some of our Western partners are working literally with both their hands and feet to make Kosovo a member of the Interpol." Therefore, he said, Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic will have more trips this week, while the interior minister, as well as the prime minister, will also engage themselves in this. Vucic said that he had already spoken about this and warned the secretary general and that he had nothing further say, that he had not already told the Serbs in Kosovska Mitrovica. "To leave our people without the support of the state, we will not do that - will we do everything to avoid such irresponsible behavior? We will," he said, adding that Serbia "hopes to continue any dialogue at least to avoid such fears." At:

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