21. June 2018

"Now what" - Serbian minister asks Europe

Serbia Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said on Thursday that his country "continues to act humanely and responsibly towards migrants." Stefanovic added, however, that Serbia is asking for "clear advice or message from Europe about what to do and how to proceed with them." Stefanovic told Pink TV that - while taking part in a meeting in Brussels earlier this week dedicated to the migration situation in the Western Balkans - he "unfortunately did not hear a vision of what is recommended to Serbia, where migrants are arriving from (via) EU countries." "Migrants are coming to us from the EU. Whether from Bulgaria or Greece, doesn't matter... you need to give us a solution, because these people are coming to Serbia and from Serbia they want to go to the EU," Stefanovic said. He added that "Europe should say what it will do if migrations become intensive like in 2015, and what is being advised to Serbia." "What will they do? Will they close their borders, as Austria says it will? And I ask them: Does this mean buildings walls, fences? Is that then what Serbia is advised to do?," the minister asked. Stefanovic said that Serbia is behaving "humanely, responsibly, respects international regulations, freedom of movement, the right to asylum, and the right to protection - but is asking Europe what to do from this point on." At:

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