11. August 2009

Construction of gas pipeline network commenced in Aleksandrovac - 1m EUR worth of investment

Russian-Serbian company "Yugorosgaz" began construction of distributive gas pipeline network in Aleksandrovac today (August 11, 2009), in which about 1m EUR will be invested. Source Beta

The Ambassador of Russia to Belgrade, Aleksandar Konuzin, opened the works in Vitkovo and announced that Aleksandrovac would be visited by the government-business delegation from Russia during Župska Berba, between September 24 and 27.

Konuzin said that Aleksandrovac was good example of cooperation between the regions and that direct contacts between the regions and individual companies were very important for intergovernment relations.

The Mayor of Aleksandrovac, Jugoslav Stajkovac, said that construction of six kilometers of gas pipeline network was the beginning of cooperation between that region and Russian economy sector, and he added that "Yugorosgaz" was the most favorable strategic partner of the municipality of Aleksandrovac.

The works on construction of the gas pipeline will be carried out by Blace-based company "Telekomunikacija", and the first companies should be connected to the gas network before the beginning of Župska Berba, in September.

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